Represented, uncontested divorce $850*

All of the Divorce Kit and Attorney Filed packages, plus:

  • Available only in certain counties. I complete and file all documents, serve them on your spouse, obtain a default from the Court, prepare the Judgment and in counties where it’s required, make the final Court appearance with you.
  • In almost all counties, the physical court appearance can now be waived if you’re represented by an attorney.  In the few where it can’t be waived, you make the pro forma final court appearance (transcript and step by step instructions included).
  • Includes in-person or via phone consult and advice as to the applicable law, and my being a scrivener for an Marital Settlement Agreement.

* This does not include the filing fee to the Clerk of the Superior Court.  The fee is $300 if no children were born of the marriage, $325 if there are children.  Purchaser can apply to have the fee waived if they are “indigent” – general rule is if you earn less than 150% of the poverty guidelines for family size.  Email me if you believe you qualify, I’ll include the necessary documents at no extra cost.  The worst that can happen if you apply to have the filing fee waived and your request is rejected is that you then have to pay the fee.

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