There is a difference between a divorce mill sending you fill in the blank forms or running your information through prepackaged software and having your pleadings drafted and checked by an experienced matrimonial attorney.

Even an uncontested ending of a marriage is difficult enough without incurring the unnecessary cost and confusion caused by other online “do it yourself” divorce packages or divorce mills.


I provide a better service

I provide a better (easier to use, error-free) service than the ones advertised by the “divorce mill” companies or “do it yourself” kits and I do it at a far lower cost.

I decided to sell uncontested divorce packages after speaking to distressed people who had wasted hundreds of dollars purchasing a kit over the Internet or gone to divorce mills, again spending hundreds of dollars and ending up confused, frustrated and, in several cases, financially injured by the product they received (one former client lost over $40,000 in a subsequent divorce as a direct result of a Divorce Mill botching his first divorce). Nearly everyone I have spoken to who used an online service or divorce mill had extremely poor experiences and all of them significantly overpaid.

In some cases, complaints were either dismissed or inordinately delayed because they had not been provided with the correct forms, the company had not sent all the required information and/or were not up to date on the latest rules, fee schedules, and technicalities for filing for divorce in New Jersey. In others, the information they received was just plain wrong and resulted in the divorce becoming unnecessarily unpleasant. Even aside from the fatal errors caused by the companies’ general ignorance of recent rule amendments requiring new information to be submitted with a complaint and the recent increase in filing fees, some of the forms and information provided by these companies were terrible. Even the ones that that weren’t so bad as to be rejected were not good, and almost all of the ones I’ve seen would have been subject to challenge in the future.


The packages I sell work

The packages I sell work and will result in you obtaining a rapid and inexpensive divorce.

Many of the online companies do a great job at researching and explaining the laws and technicalities of obtaining a rapid, uncontested divorce in New Jersey. I encourage anyone involved in the process to take the time and surf the internet to educate themselves on the law. However, the majority of how the “real world” of the Court works can’t be found in books nor online. By way of two important examples, the recent changes toward permitting “extreme cruelty lite” allegations are not reflected in any published law. They have evolved from discussions and bench-bar meetings, which, to say the least, are not transcribed online. The old, formerly standard “inflammatory language” is no longer necessary. If you have adult children (who are not disabled nor full time students), you can avoid paying the additional filing fee and having to attend the parenting seminar if your complaint is worded correctly. If you earn less than 150% of the poverty line guidelines, the filing fee itself can be waived by the Court. Not a single kit, package, nor divorce mill appears aware of these facts (which end up costing you unnecessary fees and potentially wasting your time and inflaming your spouse). In sum, there is simply no substitute for the knowledge and experience gained as an attorney who practices exclusively matrimonial law.


Drafted and checked by an experienced matrimonial attorney

Each set of pleadings is drafted and checked by an experienced matrimonial attorney. They are not the photocopied “fill in the blank” forms that many online services sell and which will not work. They are not popped out of prepackaged software. They are the same hand-drafted pleadings that would be filed if your case were contested, except without the $2,500-$5,000 retainer.

Some of the “online kits” available cost less than the $149.00 I charge. Usually, you are paying $25.00 – $40.00 for a 10 page “fill in the blank” set of forms photocopied somewhere in the Midwest with language that is not standard for New Jersey and with documents that may be rejected or cause unnecessary delays. To get anything close to the package I provide, you will have to pay $249-$400 for a company to run your information through pre-packaged software – often resulting in incorrect pleadings and non-standard language for triple the price I charge. Each set of pleadings I provide is hand drafted and sent out within 2 business days.

More disturbing are the online kits alleging that you will be provided with the “forms necessary to apply for a domestic violence Order.” No forms are necessary.


Price and quality

The differences in purchasing one of my packages are in price and quality. The package I will prepare for you is identical to one I would file if your case was contested and will sail through the Court. It, and the directions you will receive, are superior to the ones offered by the online services. You will be provided with a plain English explanation of the steps involved, even including a sample transcript of a final hearing. No surprises.

I am a licensed matrimonial attorney admitted to practice in New Jersey. My practice consists of Family Law and Family Law appeals (and two civil rights cases). Although I cannot give advice on a complicated issue where I would have to understand all the facts of your case, I am willing to answer any procedural or legal questions, and to give basic legal advice via email at no additional charge.

Finally, if you are not comfortable with the idea of filing your own paperwork and dealing with the Court, please email me regarding a flat flee uncontested divorce for $500-$750 plus filing fee (please note that the filing fee can be waived if you earn less than 150% of the current poverty guidelines).

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